DogEase is an alternative product to the old-fashioned and dreaded hard plastic cone used by Vets worldwide to avoid animals interfering with their wounds after surgery. The DogEase medical pet suit is made from bamboo fabric with natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic properties which is soft for next-to-the-skin use. A wearable suit rather than a cumbersome plastic cone offers the animal total mobility and comfort allowing the pet to go about it's daily routine.


The suits come in a range of sizes. Bamboo fabric is breathable and has thermal qualities, being cool in summer and warm in winter with added Lycra for stretch and ease of fitting and comfort. The snug fit has a calming effect on dogs which helps relax the pet who otherwise could be stressed after an operation. DogEase has been designed to allow the animal to go to the toilet without removal of the suit, hence not aggravating the wound and there are no hard or noisy fastenings.

Anxiety Free

The development of a full-legged suit, and leg sleeves are in the pipeline. It is hoped that a broad range of injuries will be covered by DogEase helping the well-being of our pets during a difficult time. Prototypes have been made in a range of sizes from XS-XXL.